Guatemala Huehuetenango Single Origin SHB


Origin Location: Small freehold farms of Huehuetenango, western Guatemala.


Altitude: 1400-2000 MASL.


Varietel: 100% Arabica – Bourbon, Catuaí, Caturra, Typica


Prep: Fully washed, European prep (hand sorted).


Hold on to your hats, kids, our Huehuetenango SHB single origin is a wild ride.  Tasting notes of lemon and green apple are driving up front, while caramel is cruising in the back seat.  With medium body and a juicy mouth feel, this single origin is delicious, however you take it.


What does SHB mean?  SHB stands for ‘Strictly Hard Bean’, which is a term assigned to coffee grown above 1200 metres above sea level (MASL).  The term ‘Strictly High Grown’ is also sometimes used.  Coffee beans grown at these altitudes have unique properties and sought after by coffee connoisseurs.  The slow growth typical of higher altitudes affords more time for the coffee cherry flesh to impart fruity notes to the seed (bean).  SHB coffee are also more dense than other coffees.  This hardness opens up a range of possibilities in terms of roasting profile and flavours that can be developed.


Westside SHB | Guatemalan Huehuetenango Single Origin

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